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Welcome to Henning Marter FUNKBAU.

Your dependable and competent partner for high-quality antennas and accessories with a wide range of products: Broadcast antennas, Mobile phone antennas, Radio telephone network antennas, Measuring antennas, Car antennas, WLAN antennasAntennas for special applications and Indoor antennas. We will be happy to help you solve your antenna problems.



Range of products:


-Smart metre antennas


•  868 MHz SRD

•  LTE 450

•  Radio ripple control DSM

•  Adapter Pigtail


- Broadcast antennas

•  UKW antennas

•  LMK antennas

•  DAB+/VHF antennas

•  DVB-T/UHF antennas


- Mobile phone antennas

GSM 900 antennas

GSM 1800 antennas

UMTS antennas

LTE antennas

Multi Band antennas


- Radio telephone network antennas

2m Band antennas

4m Band antennas

Private Mobile Radio antennas

TETRA antennas


- Mesuring antennas

DAB+/VHF antennas

TETRA antennas

DVB-T/UHF antennas

GSM antennas

WLAN antennas


- Car antennas

Alfa Romeo antennas

Audi antennas

BMW antennas

Citroen antennas

Ford antennas

KIA/Hyundai antennas

Land Rover/Jaguar antennas

Mazda antennas

Mercedes antennas

Opel antennas

Peugeot antennas

Renault antennas

Skoda antennas

Subaru antennas

Toyota antennas

VW antennas

Volvo antennas

Universal automobile antennas

Integrable antennas


- Automotive antennas


- WLAN antennas


- Antennas for special applications


- Indoor antennas/Receiving antennas


- Accessories


- Amateur radio antennas