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Broadcast Antennas

Within the “Broadcast Antenna” product range, you can find transmitting and receiving antennas that have a stabile, light-weight build. They meet the electrical and mechanical demands of professional antennas as regards their function and durability for the majority of applications.
These first-class products are made by our highly qualified staff and 100% certified.
Our broadcast antennas can be operated as singular or antenna arrays.
Directional radio patterns for antenna arrays can be calculated and measured according to their intended use.
We can of course also help you find the right accessories, such as power splitter or combiner. Just ask!

 Broadcast antenna
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Broadcast Antennas - LMK

Broadcast Antennas - UKW

Broadcast Antennas - UHF/DVB-T

Broadcast Antennas - VHF/DAB+