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Mobile Phone Antennas

Our “Mobile phone antennas” allow you to improve substantially the quality of your connections - even if the conditions influencing reception are unfavourable and the antennas are being used under very adverse conditions. These high performance antennas are constructed with stabile, lightweight materials and are designed to provide optimum service in any given environment. Our UTMS directional antenna provides broad band access to the Internet, even if there is a long distance to the transmitter mast. (The range is independent of the physical terrain.). All antennas are delivered with high quality connectors and low loss cables and are weatherproof permanently.
Of course, we can provide you with any added accessories that may be needed – simply ask!


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GSM 900  
GSM 900 Mobil Phone Antennas

LTE Mobil Phone Antennas

GSM 1800  
GSM 1800 Mobil Phone Antennas

UMTS Mobil Phone Antennas