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Radiotelephone Network Antennas

The product line „Radiotelephone Network Antennas” includes sending and receiving antennas with a robust, light-weight design. These semi-professional antennas are designed for the 2m and 4m frequency bands and for digital trunked radio systems that rely on the “TETRA” standards; they meet all requirements regarding the electrical and mechanical parameters. Due to the choice of suitable construction materials, these antennas are fit for deployment in climatic conditions all over the world. All of our high quality products are manufactured by our qualified employees and are subjected to final inspections.
Our radiotelephone network antennas can be used singular or in a group configuration to support horizontal omni-directional transmission. We manufacture special accessories – such as power splitters and combiners – to meet your specific needs on request. 
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2m Band  
2m Band Radiotelephone Network Antennas

TETRA Radiotelephone Network Antennas

4m Band  
4m Band Radiotelephone Network Antennas